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General App settings

On the menu tab, click on Settings to go to General Settings page. From the page, you will see 2 sections:

All available settings on the left
Preview section on the right to see how your product options display on your store

1. Theme settings

In this section, you can activate the app on the current theme at your store. You just need to click on the Enable app in current theme button and you'll be redirected the theme editor page

Learn more on how to enable app in the current theme

2. Style Settings

In this section, you can adjust global styles (apply to all product options added by the app), including:

Form height: show full height or set a max-height (need to scroll within the form).
Deselect action: show a Deselect button or Click again to select.
Colors of labels & buttons

3. Settings for some option types

Toggle values
Display Color swatch as Square or Circle thumbnail
Button text and error message on Upload photo option

4. Additional charges

Additional charge warning message
Show additional charge on options

5. Other settings

Text translation
Additional charge
Customization data

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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