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Set up Cross-product Links (Combined Listing)

This guide explains how Tepo Product Options feature can help your customers easily navigate between these related products.

Why is this important?

Richer product catalog: Some stores prefer to show each variation as a separate product, making the catalog look fuller, mimicking the variant experience without merging them.

Perfect for Print-on-Demand (POD) stores: which often have the same design on different product types (mugs, t-shirts, etc.).

SEO boost: Linking products together helps with internal linking, which is good for SEO.

Here are some examples of how it can be used:

Same design, different print types (posters, framed posters, etc.)
Same design, different product types (shirts, mugs, etc.)
Same product, different colors (each color has its own product page) (apparels, cosmetics,...)
Same product, different materials (accessories, jewelry,...)

Checkout our demo product here to see how it works on live store

We'll cover the rest of the setup process in the next section!

Step 1. Create a new option set:

To begin, you need to create a new option set within our app. We provide a detailed guide complete with step-by-step instructions and a tutorial video to help you through this process. Feel free to check our instruction here for references

Step 2: Choose Cross-products link

Our current app version provides this Cross-Products Link feature on the Unlimited plan. However, we offer 7-day trial period so you can explore all the features available in the app. For information on the features included in each pricing plan, please refer to this article.

Step 3: Select products

You can now select the product you would love to display as the cross-product options.

Step 4: Select display style

There are several display styles are available which you can choose from:

Image swatch
Color swatch
Inline button

Step 5: Assign option set to products

Now, connect the products you want to display Cross-product links option by assigning them to the option set you created: (should include the products you selected from step 3)

Step 6: Check it on online store!

You can now review your changes live by checking how the feature appears on your storefront:

Free free to check a live sample of how the feature operates on a storefront by visiting the sample product here - password: oe.

Step 7: Change option set position on product page (Optional)

You may wish to change the position of the option set on the product page. Feel free to follow our step-by-step instructions here for guidance.

We hope you find this article helpful as you set up the Cross-products Links feature! Give it a go, and if you encounter any issues or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us through the in-app live chat. We're here to help and excited to see how you make use of this new feature 🤩

Updated on: 04/06/2024

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