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Set up Conditional logic

Scenario: Image that you're selling customizable watches and would like to show options of leather colors if customers choose watch strap material as Leather. Kindly check out our demo product (password if needed: 123) to see how it works 😊

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to set up the Conditional logic:

Step 1. To begin, you need to create the primary option (Option A).

In this case, we will create an inline button option asking if the customer which materials of watch strap they would like to have.

Add an inline button option and enter option title

Add option values (in this example, option value will be Bracelet, Leather & Nylon)

Step 2. Then create the secondary option (Option B) which is going to be depend on the selection of the primary option (Option A)

In this case, we will create an image swatch option which shows all leather colors:

Add an image swatch option and enter option title

Add option values and upload image represents for each option value (in this option, option value will be Olive, Brown, Tan & Black leathers)

Step 3. Next, add conditions to option B

Click on Add condition button under Conditional settings of option B

Select field option and the option value that you would like Option B to depend on.

In this case, we will choose the field option Strap materials (option A) and its selected value as Leather

From the preview section on the right, you can test if the conditions works as your wish or not.


The app allows creating an unlimited numbers of condition, to add new condition, click on the Add another condition button again and follow the steps described above.

And you added more than one conditions, you can choose the condition type between Any and All to show the option.

Updated on: 27/07/2023

Updated on: 12/01/2024

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