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Quantity Selector on options

This guide introduces the Quantity Selector feature, allowing customers to specify the exact quantity for each option value within your product option sets. This functionality applies to both single-select and multi-select option fields, offering greater control and flexibility to your customers.

Use Cases:

Package Deals: Enable users to select a specific quantity for each item within a bundled product.
Customizable Products: Allow customers to choose the exact number of components or add-ons they desire for their personalized product.


Imagine a product offering a "Pick n Mix" option set. With the Quantity Selector, they can now specify the desired quantity for each sweet flavor, creating a truly customized pick-n-mix pack.

View the demo product here

How to Set Up:

This feature applies to both single-select & multi-select option fields including:

Color swatch
Image swatch
Dropdown with image
Inline button

Enable Quantity Selector:

Within the option settings, after adding some option values as your wish, open the Advanced settings

Enable the Quantity on Option value checkbox, you will see a quantity selector appear under the selected value

Define Minimum or Maximum Quantities (Optional):

For added control, you can set minimum and maximum quantities selectable for each option value.

Min quantity on each value (default value is 1)
Max quantity on each value

⭐️ Special case: Validate Min/max selections by total quantity of all selected values

(For multi-selection fields only)

The app also provide more advanced methods to limit the min/max selection based on the total quantity selected in a field:

Validate min/max by number of option values selected:

Example: If you set the max number is 3, customers can only select 3 option values, regardless quantity

Validate min/max by total quantity of selected values:

Example: If you set the max number is 15, the total quantity from all selected values can not exceed 15.

Additional Notes:

Consider user experience when setting minimum and maximum quantities. Ensure these limits are reasonable and clearly communicated to customers.

Hopefully this article has helped you. Things change all the time, so if you run into issues please don't hesitate to share them with us at or use the in-app live chat. We're happy to lend a hand 🤩

Updated on: 27/05/2024

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